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How to Play

Seekers & Seers allows players to guide others and be guided. It takes two players to play this game. You can either play when the two of you are physically located in the same space or play while chatting over the phone remotely.

A server connects a pair of players. One player shall choose "I will describe" and take the role of a seer. And the other player shall choose "I will search" and play the seeker. Only the seer can see the only golden box among boxes. The seer shall guide the seeker in his search of the golden box by describing its location. After finishing one round, two players shall switch roles and play the next round.


(1) It might take a while when the game loads for the first time because you need to download some files. However, the loading time shouldn't be longer than 1 minute.

(2) You need a piece of hardware called a gyroscope in your phone to play the game properly. Many smartphones have gyroscopes nowadays.

(3) If you are in the same space, please do not look at the screen of each other!

The Idea of The Game

Guiding others happens in daily life. This game asks people to pay attention to this social interaction. Do people communicate in the same way? What are the differences?



June 2017 -

Developed in Guangzhou

WebVR: A-Frame